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The Early Days

If you take home a puppy that is less than eight weeks old or that simply did not learn not to nip and bite at your fingers before you got it, it’s important to take quick action to stop the biting behaviour.

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First thing’s first

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Never hit your puppy in response to the bite. If they don’t think you’re playing, they may become afraid of you, developing serious phobias and anxieties that can lead to aggression issues later in life.

To truly stop puppy biting, you need to address the root of the behaviour. To do this, you should encourage them in any good behaviors and discourage any negative behaviors.

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Don’t confuse the puppy by playing games that might lead to this kind of aggression. Avoid wrestling, tug of war, or chase games that will lead to nipping by the puppy.


Consistency will be very important in training your puppy. If you really want to stop puppy biting, you cannot grow soft or let the dog get away with anything. You’re doing this all for its own good.

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